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Atcolombini - Sketch #50

Hi! This is my first time doing this challenge and also my first post in the forum, I’ve been around for some months and since I have some time I decided to join.

I didn’t know what to do until around mid last week, and it’s not yet finished as I’m still working in the impact effect. I actually delayed the real work while making a small framework for the new sketches I hopefully make in the future.

The spell is supposed to be some kind of fire DoT AoE. It’s all driven by code using Unity and DOTween. I also used Krita for the first time for this. Custom shaders were made using Shader Graph, but it’s all pretty simple stuff.

Of course the model and animation are directly from mixamo, even though I accelerated the animation clip to fit my timing.

All feedback is welcome and appreciated.

[Update] FINISHED Sketch: