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Help with Soft/Blurry refraction in UE


I need some help implementing refraction into my VFXs in UE4.

Been beating my head against this one for a while, since I’ve always attempted to add some amount of refraction to my other VFX but I never got it working properly and in this case, a black hole, it’s pretty much a requirement.

Case in point: I want to make a refraction “swirl” for this black hole VFX which is an ambient VFX i’ve been working on for my game.
Game GIF below:
(https://gyazo.com/6dfca40af343c638f0c2fbc2913a258b )

Reference would be the very soft refraction which occurs on league’s black holes:



How would I got about creating a very soft refraction like the examples above?
Is there a cheap way to fake refraction?
Or is there some other kind of trickery going on?

Thank you in advance!