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Sig - Sketch#54545

I imagine it’s kinda late to join the train, but I hope it’s not TOO late!
This is gonna be my first time participating, yaaay \o/

I was working on a similar effect for the second course of Gabriel Aguiar on Udemy…but, on the last couple weeks, I ended up derailing myself from the course while messing around with Fresnel and Alpha Clipping.

Alpha Clipping did not work on Shader Graph when using the Fresnel effect along with it, then I had to move back to Shuriken and redo the whole effect.
Parallel to that, I saw everyone posting their Sketches for the event and got excited for that, but couldn’t join because all the stuff I had in hands were made before March :pensive:

Though, having in mind I would have to redo the whole effect on Shuriken, I decided to start fresh retaining only the main body - the rotating sphere (is that an issue?)

My idea is to make a damaging skill in form of an explosion. I don’t know if it’s gonna be a persistent skill or a one hit skill, but the key thing is that I want it to SPIN!

References & Inspirations:
Edit: for some reason it doesn’t link the right folder on Pinterest. I’ll leave direct links instead.